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Actuant is committed to improving the quality of life and enhancing the vitality of the communities in which we operate throughout the world. Through both financial contributions and volunteer efforts of its employees, Actuant supports programs and organizations that address health and human concerns, culture & the arts and education - all vital to community sustainability. We encourage our employees to volunteer their time and talent on behalf of the company and will provide paid time off for team-related, sanctioned events.

Program Emphasis - Three Pronged Approach
Actuant believes emphasis on three key areas will provide the greatest return and provide focus for our diverse, global organization. The three primary areas of emphasis are:

Health and Human Concerns  |  addressed primarily through our annual United Way giving campaign, we encourage our U.S. based operations to achieve 100% participation in giving. Actuant Corporation has provided significant matching support for this employee giving. Outside of the U.S. (and in addition to United Way), this may include support for organizations that emphasize hunger abatement, healthy children, self sufficiency, etc.


Culture & the Arts  |  addressed primarily through our annual United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF) campaign in Southeastern Wisconsin. Employee giving has been matched with a significant corporate gift. Outside of this region, this may include support for local cultural events.


Education  |  addressed through both our annual scholarship program and targeted education based programs. In SE Wisconsin, Actuant has partnered with the Hmong American Peace Academy and works closely with the principal to provide a variety of volunteer opportunities for our employees to enhance the education of the students and improve the facility.


Not included in our areas of emphasis are:


For profit organizations

Disease specific organizations


Political organizations

Fraternal and Veterans organizations

Organizations that discriminate based on age, race, religion, gender, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or other protected classes.

More Information
For more information about Actuant's Community Outreach activities, please contact Karen Bauer, Communications & Investor Relations Leader at Karen.Bauer@actuant.com


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